System Development

DTS develops, manufactures and supports systems for the Armed and Order Forces in the areas of Command and Control, Electronic Warfare and Communications.

The experience and the technological capacity of DTS, allow the development of projects and deployment of solutions in an agile way, through the integration of products and solutions off the shelf of world-class defense companies.


The main products are:


DTS has more than 30 years of experience in the development of Electronics Warfare equipment: RWR, ESM, ELINT and EW simulators, for aircraft, ships and submarines.

MAE DMA-305 System

MAE system for aerial surveillance platforms, maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters. Modular and easy to install, it can be integrated into Mission Systems and Passive Electronic Countermeasure Systems (Chaff), such as the ALE-47.

  • Frequency: 1-18 GHz.
  • Instant 360° coverage.
  • Georeferencing of Issuers.
  • Database for 10,000 issuers, programmable by the user.
  • ELINT recording and analysis.
  • Qualified RTCA DO-160D and MIL-STD-467E.

MAE DMA-302 System

MAE system for ships, submarines or land platforms. Modular and easy to install, it can be integrated to Combat Management Systems (CMS) and to active and passive Electronic Countermeasure Systems (Jammer – Chaff.

  • Frequency: 2-18 GHz, optional 1-18GHz.
  • Instant 360° coverage.
  • Database for 10,000 issuers, programmable by the user.
  • ELINT recording and analysis.


RWR is designed to be installed on board any type of aircraft. It consists of radio frequency (RFU) modules, a processing unit (PU) and a presentation and control unit (CDU). The RFU can be installed in any vertical plane of the aircraft. Operates with high sensitivity crystal video receivers and is programmable by the user to identify the radar systems of interest.


It is an advanced version of the RMA DMA-105, which has an omnidirectional antenna and a receiver for instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM). It also has interfaces for integration with other active and passive Electronic Warfare systems.


Multipurpose ELINT system for temporary or permanent installation, on board of air, naval or terrestrial units.


ELINT system with a high precision Direction Finding, designed for permanent installation on board of any type of platform.

It can be provided with an array of fixed antennas with high interception probability, and with a rotating high gain antenna to maximize the detection range of the system.

DMS – 502R

Programmable electronic warfare simulator, designed to be installed in 19U cabinets. You can control up to six radiofrequency channels. The equipment can simulate radar signals with agility of parameters and configurable radiation diagrams. In addition, it can be occupied in the field or laboratory using the version of DMS-501P.Electronics.


Development of Command and Control Solutions for air operations in real time. Applicable to tactical and training operational situations. They include the integration of different types of systems and sensors, such as radars, data link and communications.

DTS products can be used in command posts, squads and air warfare academies.